The Cruelty Of Claw Removal

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Cat declawed after surgey

One of the most important parts of a cat is its claws. Their claws are used for a variety of tasks which include balancing and climbing. Apart from that, cats also use their claws to stretch, walk and run. Furthermore, the claws on a cat are its most basic form of defence and very important to it. Cats are also very often found to scratch things with their claws as a means of marking their own territory. As their claws contain glands which produce a secretion, a distinct scent is left when they make a scratch mark on an object or item. This mark can easily be recognised by other cats although human beings are unable to detect it without the use of advanced equipment.

Unfortunately, despite the large number of uses a cat has for its claws, many less knowledgeable cat owners often choose to have them removed. This is mainly due to the fact that they do not want their furniture or other items damaged with scratch marks and hence, prioritise these over the well-being of their pet cat. Removal of claws can be done by any experienced vet through a surgical process although the vet will usually ask for a good reason before agreeing to it.

As a responsible cat owner, before you decide on getting your cat de-clawed, you should do well know that such a process has a chance of completely changing its personality. Similar to a human being losing a finger, cats that are de-clawed will feel handicapped, incomplete and confused. You might notice that your cat will be unable to jump in through the window like it once did and it might also lose the playfulness it once had. Furthermore, some cats can even get aggressive and ill-tempered after getting de-clawed.

All cat owners should always accept the fact that cats can sometimes scratch. It is a vital part of their being and we should learn to love them for who they truly are. Potential cat owners who are not prepared to accept this should seriously reconsider keeping a pet cat. There are many other incredible pets out there for you to choose that will not give you such problems. Nonetheless, if it is only your furniture that you are worried about, there are some things that you can do to minimise the scratching done to them.

First of all, you can install a scratching post in your home and train your cat to use that post. In addition, a rush mat can be very useful for letting your cat have something to sink its claws into. It would be important for you to demonstrate to your cat how to use these items so do not get lazy and neglect this part of the process. The addition of these items should do well in getting your cat to scratch on them instead of your precious home furniture.

De-clawing is a potentially traumatising process and all cat owners should look for alternatives before opting for it. Furthermore, it is a painful procedure. Imagine having all your toe nails removed or all your toes cut off? Even if it’s done as a medical procedure, do you think you would not feel anything after the anaesthetic wears off? De-clawing is removing the first joint of their fingers. It is illegal in Australia! In my opinion, it should be illegal everywhere!

2 thoughts on “The Cruelty Of Claw Removal”

  1. Why would anyone capable of this even bother keeping a cat? They clearly don’t waste a thought on the animal’s wellbeing. Vets should actually confiscate cats from people who request this procedure and rehome them.
    To some extent it’s possible to prevent cats from scratching furniture, but you can’t live with animals without them leaving some traces.

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