Coincidence or not?

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ThunderDo you, like me, wonder why certain things happen or why you meet certain people or decide to adopt this particular animal friend? Are they coincidences? I don’t think so. I believe that whatever happens in your life happens for a reason. Sometimes, the reason is too obscure for us to see at the time but we eventually understand it.

When you don’t listen, the Source will ensure you do. I have to admit, I have been very annoyed with the higher powers lately because “they” don’t seem to be hearing me, leaving me with this empty feeling of being abandoned somehow.

But then something happened the other day, which reminded me loud and clear that “they” are always watching over us, and listening to “them” is a matter of choice.

Last Saturday afternoon, I went earlier to the paddock to feed my horses and spend some time with them. When I finished, I went to my car with the intent to drive home. I sat in the car and I realised I had forgotten my bag in the feed room, so I went back, found my bag and walked back to the car. Again, I sat in the car and I was looking for the keys, which I normally leave in the ignition, to find them in my bag. As I put the keys in the ignition, I noticed Lily walking out of her stable onto the paddock. I decided to watch her. She seemed odd. She stopped and pawed at the ground. I thought she was going to roll and found it unusual. It was just the way she pawed. Then she lied down flat on her side. By then, I knew she wasn’t well. I was there to help her go through her ordeal and everything was fine withing half an hour. Would I have left as usual, it could have been a lot more serious.

So why did I take my bag in the feed room as I usually leave it in the car? Why did I remove the car key which I never do? If I had followed my usual routine, I would have left quickly and would not have seen Lily having a small bout of colic. Were these coincidences?

I’ve had so many hurdles with Lily that I have sometimes thought that I should have bought Violet, the other mare I was looking at when I found Lily. But then I asked myself, well, why did I buy Lily instead of Violet? Violet was older than Lily but was so nice to ride, completely sound, confident and had lots of education. Lily was younger, green, timid, shy, has bad conformation and has no confidence in herself. All this has triggered so many heartaches for me and created a huge hole in my wallet!! But then, as the years have gone by, I realised that if I had bought Violet, I would not have gone back to natural therapies, would not have been drawn to learn more about equine bodywork, saddle fitting and animal communication. Lily drove me to my path, steadily, but surely.

When I acquired Lily, I agisted her in a place close to my work at the time. After only a couple of months, I was not happy with the facilities so I decided to move. We moved to another one, then a third one, then a fourth one within a 6 months period. There too, I wondered why we kept moving form place to place.

At the first place, when we arrived, there was this huge emaciated, full of hairless patches, Thoroughbred who had been isolated in a separate paddock. When I asked the owner what was his story, he said that the owner of the horse had not paid the agistment for 6 months and since the horse was a bully he’d rather have him by himself. I asked what was his name, the man answered “Thunder”.

After few weeks there, I became friend with a lady who agreed with me that Thunder should be put back with the others. So she argued his case with the owner of the place and Thunder joined the rest of the horses. Since Thunder had been there for more than 4 years, he owned the place. No one liked him as he was a real bully to other horses and people. He was only hungry and wanted attention! One day I looked at his eyes and something just clicked. The lady and I decided we needed to do something for Thunder. After many discussions, the lady talked Thunder’s owner to surrender him to her so she would try to find him a new owner. We started feeding him and I started loving him. The lady tried very hard to find him a new owner, but anyone who came to see him did not like him. After an incident with Lily, I decided to find another place. I would never have left Thunder behind so I bought him from the lady and paid some of his agistment arrears. And this is how Thunder became part of my family. You can watch Thunder’s story on Youtube.

Then we moved to the second place. There I met some very nice people who helped me later on. I also met Susan Veal who helped me with Lily’s training and we became friends. I’d recommend Susan to anyone who needs coaching, horse riding lessons at all levels and training for their horses.

The 3rd place, I met some wonderful people and horses I was able to help.

The 4th place, I was able to help a lady when I left who was in desperate need of a paddock for her horses.

We are now in our 5th place, in Warwick and I have been able to help the horses there and provide their owner with a new outlook on saddle fitting and horse care.

So how you can see, there are so many reasons why things happen in our life. Can you recall events or decisions you’ve made and ask yourself why? Are you able to find the reasons? Are these coincidences?

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