How to apply Clay

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clay-pasteClay is at its highest activity when moist, and should be renewed or replace after 2 hours. However, it can stay on for many more hours as long as it moist. Dried clay paste on the skin or coat is actually quite uncomfortable!

Once you have prepared the clay paste, you can apply it as follows:

If you are using the clay as a poultice and wish to use water, you can do so and then wrap the area (like on a leg for example) with moist paper such as toilet paper, and then cling wrap. This way the clay can stay moist for at least 2 hours, even more. When applying it, do it in a thick layer against the hair and then another thick layer with the hair.

If using it on a wound or cut (open flesh), first clean the wound with an appropriate antiseptic solution like Betadine diluted in water or Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils diluted in water, or Calendula tincture. Then apply the paste directly on the flesh in a thick layer. If needs be, put a damp gauze and bandage the area. Change in 2 hours if possible (it can stay a lot longer) and repeat as necessary. Ensure the paste is well in/on the cut or wound.

Due to the clay’s properties, the bandage and wound will look worse at the beginning, then the flesh will be very rosy, then some white flesh will appear around the wound. This is normal. After a while the wound will look clean and you will see healing. It will get worse before it gets better!

If using on insect bites, grazes, scrapes or pimples, apply a little bit of paste directly on the area and leave uncovered.

On minor burns, prepare the paste with coconut oil, then apply a gauze saturated with coconut oil first and then the clay paste. It is preferable to use coconut oil with burns so it stays moist all the time. It is also advisable to only leave the clay for 10 to 30 minutes in this case.

Don’t forget to consult a vet for any injuries!

Thoroughly clean your utensils for reuse.

Check the tips on how to use the paste.

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